About this blog

Welcome to my humble blog!

My name is Dmitri Kalintsev, and I like fixing things. I also like building better tools and systems to help people get their jobs done and be their best with the least amount of unproductive effort.

Life graced me with a dazzling variety of places to live in and leave my paw prints on – from sysadmining PDP11s at a university in Siberia to developing backup/restore tools for archiving large files on floppy discs at a nuclear refinery’s research lab; from employee #4 at the very first commercial ISP in Uzbekistan to setting up very first LANs and file/mail servers at an iron ore dressing plant many miles inside the North Polar Circle; from creating and operating first ever IRCNet server in South Africa to tending a local start-up ISP’s infrastructure through its two orders of magnitude growth; from taking part in engineering the first (so far as I know) national IP MPLS network in Australia to being one of the foundational cats in the “we take care of the weird stuff” complex solutions tiger team at a Carrier Ethernet SP before the term “Carrier Ethernet” was even coined; to not too long ago taking a jump from data transmission to the more “cloudy” side of things…

Having been thrown around gives one a bit of perspective. I am here to share some of it with you. 🙂

My occasional chirps can also be found on Twitter: @dkalintsev

Obligatory disclaimer: any and all opinions expressed in posts and comments on this site are my own and do not represent or necessarily correlate with the position of my current employer in any way, shape or form.

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