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Planning deployment of a Hardware VTEP with NSX for vSphere

In a couple of previous blog posts, we’ve looked at the use cases for HW VTEPs. Now, let’s start digging a bit deeper.

In this instalment, we’ll have a look at what things you need to think about when planning your Hardware VTEP deployment. While I’ll be using Brocade VCS as the HW VTEP for this post, some of this info should be applicable to other Vendors’ solutions.

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From the arcane knowledge dept: standby links in LAG

Summary for the impatient

The Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) can be used to create link aggregation groups with active and standby links in them. Those standby links can be made active when one or more of the previously active links fail or removed from the group.

“The special magic” required for this to work needs only to be done by one side of LAG; the only requirement for the “other” side is that it supports standard LACP.

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Stateless Transport Tunnelling Protocol (STT): a half-step too far?

This morning (our time) @martin_casado tweeted a link to a freshly minted IETF draft – draft-davie-stt-00, that describes a new product of Nicira’s engineering effort (with contributions from Broadcom, Rackspace, eBay, Intel and Yahoo!), “A Stateless Transport Tunneling Protocol for Network Virtualisation (STT)”.

Naturally, I was intrigued by the proposal, and would like to share what I’ve learned and some thoughts about it.
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