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Distributed Firewall (DFW) in NSX for vSphere, and “Applied To:”

NSX for vSphere maintains a single set of Distributed Firewall rules per NSX Manager. By default, all active rules are applied to all vNICs of all Virtual Machines running on all clusters within the NSX Manager’s domain.

This isn’t always desirable; two cases that come to mind are: (a) large sets of rules, not all applicable to every single vNIC of every VM; and (b) overlapping IP addresses.

To clarify the second case: while in DFW you can use vCenter objects as rules’ Source and/or Destination, “under the covers” DFW always translates those objects into address sets, populated with IP addresses of those objects. So in the end the allow/deny decisions are made against IP addresses. This means that if a given IP address is used by more than one VM (think a multi-tenant environment, for example), there’s a clear risk of unintended firewall action.

The “Applied To:” field in DFW rules can be used to avoid this problem. That’s pretty much it. If you feeling adventurous, below the fold is a small walk-through demo of what I’m talking about above.

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