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A couple of useful links

Some time ago AWS Partner Netwok Blog published a couple articles that cover AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking in great detail, with a bunch of links to further info. Best of all, they were written by a networking person, for readers with networking backgroun in mind.

While we all know how to use your favourite search engine, a little promotion sometimes goes a long way. 🙂 So, here they are:

Amazon VPC for On-Premises Network Engineers, Part One

Amazon VPC for On-Premises Network Engineers, Part Two

Happy reading! 🙂

Applications on SDNs: Drivers or Passengers?

There’s a lot of talk about SDN giving control to applications over the network’s behaviour. I’m not too sure I buy a lot of it.

Necessary clarification: when I’m using term “application” in this blog post, I mean the applications that need network connectivity services to deliver their data to their users, rather than the specialised applications, designed for sole purpose of controlling data traffic flows. Continue reading